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Pasos para diseñar tu pulsera


  • First you must measure your wrist size in cm.
  • You will have to choose the template according to your size in cm. to know the number of elements that your bracelet will have.
  • You must copy on paper and complete the template following the position of each stone or accessory with the reference of which one you want in each position. You can see the example in the description section of each template according to your size.
  • You must send us by whattsapp to +3466636301450 a photo of the template with the references of your design.
  • We will assemble your bracelet and send you a photo so you can see how the design has turned out. We will re-confirm if the resulting length is correct for your size.
  • If you like it and approve it, we will confirm the material used in order to make the payment.
  • We send you the finished bracelet designed to your liking!!!!